WP1 – User Centric Design

WP1 addresses the challenge of involving female and male users in the design process from requirements to evaluation. The overall philosophy of the project is user-centered – hence we apply techniques to elicit their preferences (based on theories of behaviour and working with potential users) and to increase the motivation to perform activities that require physical exercise (Nudge techniques). Gender differences are examined, where possible, in each task. 30-50 different potential users are being involved in to face the activities of this work package. Surveys and questionnaires will require a minimum of 100 different respondents for statistical analysis.

Objective 1.1:

Define privacy within this context, its role and how to express privacy needs to the system.

Objective 1.2:

Understand user behaviour with regards to exercise, social and cognitive engagement.

Objective 1.3:

Identify the user requirements – activities, functionality, design, benefits and needs.

Objective 1.4:

Interweave theories of behaviour and persuasive design into the design and measure success.